Monday, October 7, 2013

Zippa Dee Doo Dah!

Dear Maya,

We have had a very busy, very special week with much to celebrate!

  • Last Tuesday morning we went one direction to dogsit at a friend's house, then in the other direction to go to the library story hour...all without a diaper! You'd been potty trained at home for quite a while now but outside of the house was still a hurdle. You did such a good job on Tuesday, though, that we made some special Potty Party Pumpkin Cupcakes together and after dinner we all celebrated. You insisted on blowing out candles and singing 'Happy Birthday' to us as well. 

  • We finished the alphabet! Last week we studied the letter "Z" and "zebra" was our key word. As we got towards the end of the alphabet, both you and mommy lost a bit of motivation, but you still learned an awful lot. Instead of starting right away on the lower case letters as mommy had originally planned, I think we'll take a week or two off, then focus on numbers. You can count pretty well so mostly it'll just be about recognizing written numbers. 

  • On Saturday we celebrated the arrival of October with a trip to your best buddy Wyatt's family's farm stand to pick out our pumpkins. You also fell in love with the mini Indian corn and the little gourds so we got some of them, too. After we loaded up the car we visited with Homer the donkey for a while, then we saw Wyatt's car go by. It turns out they were headed to the hospital for the most celebrated event of the whole week...

  • Wyatt's baby sister was born! We can't wait to meet you, Natalie!
Well, good night little sweetheart. Love you!

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