Friday, August 22, 2014

From the horse's mouth

Dear Maya and Emi,

Mommy is SO glad it's Friday! Though we had a great time last weekend and a good first half of the week, by the end of the day today I was just completely worn out. It's hard to juggle both of your needs when Emi's sleep schedule varies and mommy is feeling tired and stretched thin. Luckily the weekend is upon us!

Last weekend mommy and Emi hit some yard sales, mostly buying games and crafts to keep Maya busy. Then we went to a festival one town over where they had various free events for kids. The bouncy house was a given, then Maya surprised us by adamantly choosing the big horse instead of the little pony they had available for rides. You were so calm about the whole thing! We also visited your great-grandparents over the weekend. Maya, you and Poppy built castles with wooden blocks for the better part of an hour!

This week Emi turned one month old! We are finally seeing you look more like a round little baby instead of a skinny little thing. Newborn-sized clothes and diapers are finally becoming too small, especially lengthwise. You have more filling out to do before the next size up really fits you width-wise, though. You have had some more attentive periods here and there, even following daddy around with your eyes when he came home from work yesterday. Your cranky periods are still tough to swallow, though. Sigh...

Well, this has been short, but like I said this mama is tired! Love you two!

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