Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting back to normal??

Dear Maya and Emi,

We've had a pretty good first week into what our new 'normal' schedule is going to look like. Grandma and Papa Stan got home safely, daddy is back at work full time, and mommy is feeling mostly good and trying to balance taking care of the both of you, myself, the cooking, and the greatly increased amount of laundry!


Over the weekend we took our first trip shopping as a family of four and it went pretty well. We also went to the stream, breaking out poor Maya's bathing suit for the first time this summer. It's been a cool summer, for sure, but mostly it's been mommy's pregnancy that kept me from taking you swimming. So sorry!


Mommy took the two of you out on my own for the first time on Tuesday. We stopped at the pharmacy, then went to the library story time. Maya, you took playing dress-up to the next level! At last count I think you had on 2 skirts, 1 top, fairy wings, a boa, a hair clip, and about 5 silky veils over your head!

Well, mommy needs some sleep! Love you two!

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