Friday, August 8, 2014

New life with Emi

Dear Maya and Emi,

You'll have to give mommy some time to figure out how I want this blog to work for the two of you. I'm trying out a new name up there, though it kinda feels weird for the picture in the header not to feature both of you. I might have to switch the blog format around from time to time to get it right.

Emi says "I got your nose!" 
Peaches, manicure, and sweet hairstyle courtesy of Grandma
Papa Stan's chest makes a nice napping spot!
We've been keeping pretty busy while mommy recovers. Grandma made sure to feed me healthy, iron-rich foods and help me rest, but also to get me out of the house so I could get some fresh air and movement. We went to a farmer's market, the park, great-grandma's house, and even a craft store during the past week.

Maya, you've been doing a great job as Emi's big sister. You were so excited to help with her first bath, even though you got water in her eyes a couple times. This morning you also pushed her in the baby swing for 5 minutes so mommy could take a shower. We will get batteries for the swing this weekend, I promise!

Emi, you've continued to be a good sleeper at night, waking up at pretty regular intervals to nurse and going back to sleep without a problem. During the day you're a little more fussy, though. Yesterday we had a really great photographer come over to take newborn photos of you, but you barely settled down at all.

Mommy's feeling pretty tired from the regular having-a-newborn-and-toddler thing, but thankfully it seems like any of the ill effects from last week have worn off. I'm still being careful not to do too much or lift anything too heavy, but I'm feeling pretty strong and thankful for my relative good health!

Well, time for some sleep. Love you two!!

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