Thursday, December 11, 2014

First play, first tree

Dear Maya and Emi,

Mommy's just going to put up some quick pics with captions tonight, and only those from my camera, not my phone. Why, you ask? Because mommy just threw the phone out into the snow! Just kidding, but it might happen if I can't get it to upload my photos soon. Fortunately all the best photos of the week are from my camera. I guess that's always the case but sometimes mommy just isn't able to take the camera along so it's nice to have the phone--when it works, anyways!

  • Maya, you went to your first play--a live version of A Charlie Brown Christmas

  • Emi, you went to cut down your first tree! You were cold but toughed it out.

You resemble me more in this picture than any before! Thank you, sweet baby!

  • Maya, you decorated the tree, umm...'creatively' but then we 'adjusted' it after you went to bed

  • Emi, you're a good sport--even when Maya rolled on you the other day...and dressed you up.

Well, mommy's going back to battle with the phone. Love you both!

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