Monday, February 16, 2015

Clare's party, Nancy's party

Dear Maya and Emi,

Remember what mommy wrote the other week about cold temperatures and snow? Yeah, that again. In the meantime, mommy's dear friend Clare came to visit us this week from London. We had an early birthday celebration for her the night she arrived. Maya, you helped mommy make a cat cake, then when it was time you took charge by turning out the lights and leading us in singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

Daddy held down the fort a couple days with you guys and let mommy go out and about with Clare while she was here. It was so wonderful to have time to catch up with her and time to recharge my batteries. A long winter cooped up with you two crazy kids was wearing on me a little!

Emi, you surprised us during Clare's stay by trying to crawl the 'normal' way as opposed to the back arch fish flop method I described last week! You haven't quite gotten yourself coordinated enough and sometimes revert back to your old ways, but I don't doubt you'll master it soon!

Maya, you and mommy went to the library's Fancy Nancy tea party on Valentine's Day. You loved playing with bubbles and blocks and running around with the other kids. Also, we discovered a pretty new hairstyle for you that is durable enough and Frozen-esque enough that you kept it in all day!


Time for some sleep for mommy! Love you both!

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