Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Seven months, two dates

Dear Maya and Emi,

Despite the fact that daddy has a few weeks off work, we're all feeling exhausted. Maybe it's the lack of a normal schedule, but each of us has had lots of cranky moments and cross words lately. Well, Emi, you don't have any words at all so I guess that's not really true for you. But, dealing with a baby who still needs to eat a few times a night and a headstrong 4 year old who doesn't get enough time running around outside (thanks, polar vortex!), mommy and daddy are in a bit of a slump.

It didn't help that mommy made the mistake of scheduling three appointments this past Monday. Emi you went in for your 7 month check up and, thankfully, are starting to gain weight again. Then, as soon as we got home, we turned around and headed to the dentist so Maya and mommy could get cleanings. Maya you were SO good during your appointment! Afterwards we did some grocery shopping and by the time we got home we were all so tired.

Emi, you've been eating well and trying all kinds of different foods without prejudice. You even ate Brussels sprouts the other night without batting an eyelash. You've also gotten even closer to being able to crawl, but sometimes you switch into a 'downward dog' pose instead. It's all good.

In the past week, Maya, both mommy and daddy have spent time alone with you. First, mommy took you to the state museum. You were not really interested in most of the exhibits about New York State history and culture, but you enjoyed the animal exhibits, the train car, and of course, the carousel. The annual flower exhibit was also going on throughout the museum and, instead of a toy from the gift shop, you chose to buy a rose each for mommy and yourself. Wow!

Then yesterday you had a special day out with daddy, Maya. Like when we went to the museum, you chose a cute dress to wear and hair accessories, though this time you went a little overboard. Daddy took you out to the hardware store and for milkshakes. Sounds like a nice time to me!

Well, mommy needs as much sleep as I can get. Love you both!

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