Saturday, August 22, 2015

Growing girls, creepy bugs

Dear Maya and Emi,

Things are starting to get real around here.

Emi, you're showing signs of being pretty darned clever. You do lovely baby things like snuggle, give kisses, wave goodbye, say "hello," and run from the other side of the room to give us a high five. But then you do these thoughtful things like pulling your own booster chair out and putting it at the right angle to be fed tonight. Or lining up Maya's shoes, mostly correctly, after playing with them. Or giving your water bottle to daddy when he wasn't feeling good. You're one to watch out for!

Maya, mommy had a bit of an aha moment while shopping last night. I was looking for a school shirt for you and I had to go into the girls' section instead of the toddlers' section. It felt different in there and mommy got a little teary. I trust you're going to do well in school because you're strong and smart and you're super excited to just get started already. Honestly, I'm more worried about me adjusting at this point! It's going to be so weird!

So, Maya, today mommy took you on a special outing to celebrate your big girl status--your first ever movie in a movie theater. "Shaun the Sheep" was adorable and though mommy doesn't think you were ever actually afraid, it was such a wonderful feeling to have you hold on to me during the 'scary' parts of the movie. It felt like you were my little girl again for a few minutes. But then you wouldn't hold my hand in the parking lot. Sigh...

One more blurb about you, Maya. Mommy has written several times about how much you like creepy crawly things and often keep slugs and snails in jars for a day or two. You now have a new collection. In some ways it's creepier because of how they look, but at least these aren't alive. Yup. This is your jar of cicada shells. Most of them were found right outside our house, but you carried the jar with you looking for more on our rail trail hike the other day.

Well, mommy needs some sleep! Love you both!

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