Sunday, December 27, 2015

A warm, warm Christmas

Dear Maya and Emi,

Well, Christmas has come and gone in a lively, sparkly, sugary whirlwind. It was unusually warm--70 degrees on the eve and at least 60 on the actual day. That made it feel a little more like Easter than Christmas, but we still made merry for sure!

Two days before Christmas was your last day of school for the year, Maya. It was pajama day and mommy had you wear this old school nightgown. You looked so cute! You passed out cards and fruit snacks to the class and came home with a backpack full of crafts, pencils, books, candy, etc.

Grandma and Papa Stan came up on Monday, then went to pick up Aunt Bobbie on Thursday morning, Christmas Eve. While they were headed to get her, you and I made cookies, Maya. After a few years at this, I think we're starting to improve our decorating skills. Finally!


Christmas Eve night we had our first celebration when Aunt Kelsie, Uncle Shawn, and Cousins Grace and Will came to join us. It was a bit hectic now that all of you kids are mobile, but it was really fun, too. Everyone loved their gifts and Emi, you and Will didn't mind too much when we cordoned you off in a baby pen so we could do our adult gift exchange game. It took some concentration passing our gifts right and left and we wouldn't have been able to complete it while chasing you two around!

Drawing on the back of a letter to Santa--note the ornaments hanging off the tree
and the striped pajamas that we get for Christmas Eve!
Christmas morning Santa left your gifts and stockings upstairs on your little table so you two wouldn't wake up everyone downstairs. Maya, you got a lot of dress-up things, activity books, pjs, coupons for books, hair bows, etc. You couldn't wait to put on your queen dress and said you were going to marry daddy. Emi, you got a pull-along phone, a bunch of Little People toys, a chunky wooden bead set, pjs, snacks, etc. You really love the spinning propeller on your rescue helicopter.

Next we got all dressed up and headed to our annual Christmas brunch at Nanny and Poppy's house. After eating and opening more gifts (the big one being a train and Lego table for you two to share) we were able to go outside and take some photos in our short sleeves since it was so beautiful!

The fourth and final* round of gifts was after we got back home. We exchanged gifts with Grandma and Papa Stan and you two opened gifts from Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi as well. We spent the rest of the day playing, snacking, watching Christmas movies, and just enjoying family. Perfection!

Well, mommy needs to get some rest for the week ahead. It's almost someone's fifth birthday!?!?!
Love you both!

*until Grandpa and Lori arrive, that is. So. many. presents!

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