Monday, December 7, 2015

Is it Christmas yet?

Dear Maya and Emi,

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, that's the question you've been asking pretty much every day, Maya. And given our recent activities, I guess the answer is...yes! We're watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, trying to space out our stash of Christmas books, and drinking egg nog. And of course, the other day we went to cut down a tree! It's amazing how different the weather was at the tree farm this year--we've had a warm fall and it looks like the rest of December will be, too.

Emi, you don't really have a clue as to what's going on around here yet, but you've been enjoying it anyway. You like to carry around ornaments and dance to Christmas songs. You had a great time when we went to cut down our tree but you weren't crazy about visiting Santa!


Maya, you marked the beginning of December by re-ranking your stuffed animals--#1 has gone from Shamrock the horse to Rudolph the (female) reindeer. You also run first thing every morning to put the next little ornament on the tree-shaped advent calendar. At school the other day you got an allowance to go shopping for little trinkets for each family member. The teacher thought you couldn't find one for Uncle Matt but that's because the toy she thought was for Emi was actually for him!

Well, mommy has to go quiet you down, Emi, so your sister can take a nap. How's that for a change? Maya, you're home from school today with a cold but you seem better already so I think you'll be going back tomorrow. Love you both!

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