Saturday, December 19, 2015

Run, Hobby Rudolph, Run!

Dear Maya and Emi,

Hmm, I missed another week posting, huh? Well, we've all kinda been under the weather. This time it started with mommy for a change. I had a head cold, gave it to you, Maya, then one of us gave it to you, Emi. Mommy thought she was better, but then it became a chest cold. The worst part, though? My coughing fits caused me to pull a muscle in my lower back so I was hobbling around for a couple days. Seriously, can we all just stay healthy for Christmas? Pretty please???

Maya, you and mommy were luckily feeling better over the weekend for a fun library event, though. We got to make hobby horses/reindeer, then sing and ride them throughout the library. Afterwards you decided to ride yours through town, too, and brought a lot of merry smiles to passing faces. :)

We're in the home stretch for Christmas now. The cards have been sent, the shopping is all but done, and the wrapping has started. We can also feel the excitement building up at your school, Maya, as you bring home mini candy canes, snowman crafts, stories of books you've read and decorations in your classroom, and pretty much daily meltdowns. Luckily these little crying jags are usually over quickly--all you need is a good, long hug and for us to make sure you go to bed on time every night.

Well, mommy's going to try to get some rest now, too. More festive errands and decorating to do tomorrow, then Grandma and Papa Stan will arrive on Monday! We're going to have such a warm, lovely Christmas. I can't wait!

Love you both.

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