Saturday, March 19, 2016

Two kinds of green

Dear Maya and Emi,

It's been a bit of a rough week around here. Maya, you started coughing last Sunday and on Monday morning had a fever to go along with it. You stayed home from school for three days mostly because of the fever, but you weren't altogether miserable--just bored. It was a long three days!

I couldn't get a good picture balancing Emi and my phone on the way to the bus,
but you looked very sweet in your green outfit, Maya!
Thursday you finally were able to go back to school for St. Patrick's Day! You wore lots of green and came home with stories of how a leprechaun dyed your classroom's toilet water green! Emi, you and I went for a little walk at a meditation garden to enjoy the nice weather while Maya was at school.

Yesterday you had a dental cleaning, Maya. It went very well--a good behavior, a good report, and we were out the door within about 15 minutes! Then last night we all had pizza and a delicious cake by Uncle Matt to celebrate Aunt Rhi's birthday. As always, you picked out three gifts from the dollar store, Maya. This time it was a pair of flashing rings, a set of color-changing rubber creature toys, and a bottle of bubbles. Sounds like you were shopping for yourself, too, no? ;)

Well, now it seems that mommy (and maybe you, Emi) have caught this cold so it's bedtime. Love you both!
P.S. Here's your school picture from last week, Maya. Aww!

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