Thursday, April 7, 2016

Grandpa, space, snow, and...?

Dear Maya and Emi,

This post is a little late because we've had a lot going on. I'll start in chronological order and then get to the big developments at the end of the post. Make sure to read on! In the meantime, enjoy the new header image and this one other sneak peek from our special photo shoot last week, Maya. There are lots of great images mommy wants to share, but I plan to spend more time editing them and then release them to my business social media accounts first. You lucky photographer's kid, you!

Grandpa came to visit! He arrived late last Friday night after a flight delay and missed connection. You two spent lots of time playing with him over the weekend, including taking him with us to your buddy Wyatt's birthday party. The space theme of the party was right up your alley, Maya!


We all got some extra time to stay home and enjoy grandpa's company on Monday thanks to a freak snowstorm! I guess snow in April isn't out of the question, but considering how little we had all winter, this storm was crazy. I think there was more accumulation than all winter combined!

Emi, your vocabulary is growing so quickly! Mommy tried to keep a list but in between updating it I lost track of all of your words. You've added sentences like "I did it!" and "What'd you do?" to your repertoire as well as counting to seven! And your rendition of "Twinkle, twinkle" is amazing!

And the big news is...Maya, you're finally reading! You've known your letters and sounds for years now, but every time we tried to get you to put them together and sound them out you would get agitated. Mommy always thought you could do it any time you wanted, but you were just being stubborn or maybe a little too much of a perfectionist (not that I recognize that trait as having been passed on by anyone, ahem). But now you're slowly working through simple Bob Books. Hooray!

Well, mommy has some work to do so I can spend tomorrow making daddy's birthday awesome. Love you both!

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