Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Moving up, Driving down

Dear Maya and Emi,

What a week! We're on vacation right now and mommy doesn't have time to be too wordy so here's the breakdown:

  • Last Monday was your 'Moving Up' Ceremony, Maya! You and the rest of the pre-K students received certificates of completion in your school's courtyard. Then we went to your classroom to watch a slideshow, receive gifts from your teachers, and take pictures. Aunt Rhi and mommy were both able to attend and it was so sweet to see the bond you had with your teachers and classmates. And you loved your celebratory blue ice cream on the way home!

  • A couple days later was your actual last day of Pre-K. Where did the time go?!?

  • Grandma and Papa Stan came to our house for a few days and you both loved spending time with them. And now we are visiting them! We followed them back to North Carolina and in the 30 hours we've been here we've already done some gardening, fishing, tree swinging, bike riding, and of course we went to the beach! Maya, you couldn't get enough of the water, but Emi, the waves scared you so you spent your time playing happily in the sand.

Well, mommy needs some sleep! Love you both!

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