Sunday, July 10, 2016

North Carolina 2016 Recap!

Dear Maya and Emi,

We're home! Our trip to North Carolina was a fun, exciting, entertaining, exhausting, wonderful time. Mommy is very proud of you two for adapting so well during our travels and even prouder of herself for making it through all those days, diapers, and driving without daddy to back her up. Yay team!

The letter Maya wrote her daddy the morning we left on our trip--it says
"Baba I love u. I hope you have a nice time at the house." :)

Let's see--where did we leave off in the last post? Oh, that's right. We were at 'Greyma' and Papa Stan's house fishing and beach-ing. Well, we also got to do some farm market-ing and pool-ing thanks to this great kiddy pool that grandma picked up.


Then we were on to Grandpa and Lori's house. Our first full day there they drove us down to Sunset Beach to visit mommy's friends Andy and Sarah. You two had so much fun running around. wrestling, and jumping on the bed with their kids Emerson and Rylan. Holy energy, batman!

We also had some beach time with Grandpa and Lori on a very bright, hot, and humid day. So many of the photos mommy managed to take during this trip were either with a fogged up lens from the humidity or a shaky hand as I was busy keeping an eye on the two of you. Especially at the beach!

The next day we went to a great kids' museum in Wilmington. They had everything from life-sized foam building blocks to a very realistic play grocery store to a real school bus in the courtyard. The biggest hit, though, even with the adults, was the awesome teddy bear hospital room!

After our fun few days with Grandpa and Lori we headed back to Grandma and Papa Stan's house for a bit. You spent more time in the kiddy pool (Emi, you finally got the hang of getting wet!), riding bikes, and Maya, you even got to see fireworks on the 4th of July. What a great time!

On Thursday morning we headed out early and drove to Frederick, Maryland. There we met up with mommy's friend Rebecca and her daughter Nora. Maya, you two met a couple years ago but this time you bonded even more. Watching the two of you play at the indoor playland was so funny--you were both silly and playful and opinionated. And Emi, you loved playing with Nora, too, and after they left you kept saying "Nowa" and looking around. Aww!

Friday was the end of our trip, but mommy made the last-minute decision to swing by my alma mater, Gettysburg College. We called up another Rebecca, the dean of the study abroad office where mommy used to work, and visited with her briefly. She even gave you guys Gettyburg t-shirts! After that we headed out for the obligatory photo op by the college sign, only trying to keep you from running towards the road was quite the feat, Emi. I guess this photo is passable if not in focus. Sigh...

Well, mommy needs to get some sleep and gear up for the week ahead. Love you both!

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