Saturday, August 11, 2012

Maya's Words with Friends

Dear Maya,

Since we got back from Niagara Falls we've been pretty busy as a family--working, grocery shopping, working, helping family and friends, working a little get the picture. One extra special highlight of our week was yesterday when mommy's dear friend Clare visited from England. We spent a very rainy day with her mostly indoors, but we had a wonderful time. Mommy is so happy you were so friendly and loving to her. It was so good to see her and hopefully it won't be long until the next time!

In the midst of our active week, you've been pretty busy yourself. All of the sudden you seem to be saying a new word or phrase every few days. It started when you melted mommy's heart last weekend by very convincingly repeating my intonation of "I love you" several times. Since then you've said it back to us many times each day, sometimes sounding more like "I know yo" or "I yogo" but we're so proud nonetheless. One night at bedtime you even said it and then gave mommy an unprompted long kiss on the cheek. Swoon!

When we ask you where our noses are, you still say "Nnnnooo" and grab them. Starting this week, when we ask you where our eyes are, you very clearly say "eye" while sometimes touching our eyes, but more often grabbing our cheeks just below the eyes. We're okay with that since you're not poking us in the eyes.

And, finally, it appears you have something to call your loving parents instead of just yelling or pointing in our direction! It seems you've been using the word "baba" for your daddy, a far cry from what he wishes to be called ("toh-chan") and originating who knows where. For mommy, you've been saying "mama" and "mom" here and there, but I didn't think you were associating it with me. Then tonight, while looking at a photo I asked you "where is mama" and you pointed to my picture and said "mom" very clearly. Hooray!!!

Well, time for mommy and daddy to veg out with a DVD. It's been a long, full, tiring week with you as always, but we wouldn't trade it for a minute! Love you!!!

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