Sunday, August 5, 2012

We survived Niagara Falls!

Dear Maya,

This week we went to Niagara Falls to see our friends from Japan who were there on a whirlwind tour!

We left Tuesday evening and arrived at about 1am. You slept in the car but when we tried to put you in the baby bed at the hotel you screamed your head off. So, for the first time in over a year, we had to work to get you to sleep. Mommy drove around with you for over an hour and then you and I slept in the car.

Hmm...what are these spinny silver things???
Maybe nobody will notice if I just slip through them to investigate...

Rats! They caught me!
The next morning we got up and ready to go see Rumiko and Kanon. They were staying on the Canada side but since you don't have a passport, they walked over the Rainbow Bridge to meet us on the New York side. When they arrived we went to see the beautiful waterfalls, then sat in the grass and had some snacks and exchanged gifts. You got some great Japanese children's books, baby chopsticks, an adorable Japanese outfit and more! Rumiko and Kanon were so happy to meet you and you took quite a liking to them, too!

We walked around some more, then went back to the hotel to chat for a while in the air conditioning. Later we hit some shopping outlets and went out for a nice late lunch. In the early evening we headed back to the falls again and then said goodbye to Rumiko and Kanon. When we finally got back to our room that night, you were thrilled to sit and watch the Olympics on TV while devouring your leftovers. Naked, of course! Thankfully you slept very, very well that night--from 9pm to 8am!

The next morning we went to see some more of the waterfalls. This time the mist soaked us pretty well, but it was a hot day so it felt good. You stayed in the stroller for much of our sightseeing both days because the railings meant to keep people from falling into the water didn't exactly look toddler-proof. Mommy says 'We survived Niagara Falls' for that reason as well as for how little sleep we all got that first night. But, we survived, and have lots of fun memories of our trip. Maybe we'll go back someday (when you're a bit older)! 

Love you!

Hope to see you again soon, Rumiko and Kanon! Enjoy the rest of your tour!!!

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