Friday, June 24, 2011

Daddy's delicious Fathers' Day

Dear Maya,

Last Sunday was quite a busy day around here.

First of all, it was Fathers' Day.  You and mommy made daddy a card with your hand print on it, and put in a gift certificate.  While he was out, mommy made some cupcakes in his favorite flavor--carrot cake--and set out for decoration inspiration.  We also planned to bring some to Papa Stan and, when trying to come up with something he and daddy have in common, mommy realized that they both love the sea.

In fact, just recently daddy was lamenting how it's been so long since he's been to the ocean and he was wondering when his next chance would be.  So, you and mommy threw him an impromptu beach party in the living room; he came home to paper palm trees, a beach towel, beach ball, and a beautiful bouncing baby in a bathing suit and sun bonnet.  Not to mention how much daddy loves polka dots on you!

After our little beach party, we got ready for our next adventure of the day--feeding you your first solid food!  We opted for ground oatmeal mixed with some breast milk.  We weren't sure how you'd react at first, but you almost made it seem like you'd been eating off of a spoon forever.  You were a natural!  After a while you even tried to take the spoon out of our hands to feed yourself.  We almost couldn't keep up!

Since then we have introduced one more food: avocado.  At first you ate it without realizing we'd given you something besides oatmeal, but after a minute you got a very puzzled look on your face.  It seems you didn't like it quite as much as the oatmeal that first day, but nevertheless didn't refuse it or spit it back out.  Since then you've eaten it again and actually seem to like it quite a bit.  Next up: sweet potatoes!

                                          The moment you realize what's in your mouth and your
                                          eyes brighten about 14 seconds in is so adorable!!!

Other than that, you've been keeping us on our toes trying to keep you out of trouble.  You crawl to the most unlikely places and play with the most unlikely objects.  One favorite is the plastic box of baby wipes.  Sometimes when mommy is cooking and needs a couple solid minutes without picking you up, I put all kinds of toys around on the floor so that when you crawl you get distracted before going too far.

Well, we've got another big weekend coming up so mommy's got to get to bed!

Love you!

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