Friday, June 10, 2011

We're moving on up

Dear Maya,

There's a lot of advancing going on around here these days.

First of all, your Aunt Kelsie and Aunt Bobbie celebrated their 18th birthday last weekend.  Mommy made them homemade pillows, albums full of photos of you, and cute graduation cupcakes since they won't be having a party when they graduate later this month.

You are also developing in leaps and bounds all of the sudden.  You're still not properly crawling, but your technique is improving to the point where if we put you on the floor and look away, you have usually made your way to the laptop cords or the cat by the time we look back.

And as if almost crawling wasn't enough, you have started to sit up by yourself the last couple of days.  Previously you could sit up for a few seconds if we put you in position, or you could get yourself to a sitting position but needed one hand on the floor.  A few days ago, though, you did this:

Your love for your daddy has been growing and growing lately, too.  When mommy picks you up first thing in the morning your eyes always look for him sleeping across the room.  When he comes home from work you give him a huge smile and when he gives you your good night kiss you seem to settle right down.

Finally, the strangeness of your sleeping positions is also advancing.  Sometimes you still do the rear-end-up-in-the-air snooze or the twisty-turny-style sleep, but you've added this odd position to your repertoire:

That's right--your legs are in a "v" and you're sleeping between them!
Smart, strong, sweet, funny baby--we love you!

Maya's pinup girl pose! :)
Sorry for all the nudity in this post, but we've had up to 95 degree weather here this week!

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