Saturday, June 4, 2011

Your first summer begins!

Dear Maya,
We had quite a three-day weekend last weekend to kick off your first summer.  The best parts were:

  • Our little trip to Bash Bish waterfalls 

                         You weren't too crazy about putting your feet into the cold mountain stream.

  • Our barbeque at your great-grandparents' house for Memorial Day

You saw Aunt Kim and Uncle Jerry for the first time in ages.

You worked on your crawling technique--

--which sometimes involves giving up and putting your head down.

This week the weather has ranged from 90 degree heat one day to cool and breezy 65 degrees the next.  When it was nice but not too hot we took advantage of it.  You even got to wear your first pair of jeans!

June looks like it's going to be a pretty busy but also pretty fun month.  We're looking forward to watching you continue to grow and learn, too.

Love you!

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