Monday, September 9, 2013

V: Very, very cool

Dear Maya,

Mommy almost forgot to write a post tonight! Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi's wedding is this coming weekend and family members will be arriving starting tomorrow so all the excitement and preparation has us a bit preoccupied. I want to capture a few small moments of our week, though, so here they are:

  • You are loving puzzles right now. Mommy picked up a few with differing levels of difficulty at tag sales recently, and you do them over and over again. At first you would only do a few pieces here and there but now you can put one of them together entirely on your own.

  • Yesterday we went to a baby shower for your buddy Wyatt's little sister. You wore this pretty dress that mommy loves and you looked so cute, but of course you spent almost the entire afternoon playing in the sandbox and running around like a nut. It was fun for you and relaxing for mommy! 

  • Speaking of progress, you have finally graduated to the big potty! When we first started potty training you had no problems on it, but maybe you got your leg pinched between the seat and the adapter cushion or something, because for months you would only use your little training potty. This week you are finally back to the big one, though sometimes you need a lot of encouragement. You've also gotten good at washing your hands every time you use it, but you tend to wash your entire arms, too.

  • We studied "V" and the key word "vegetables" this week. When asked your favorite vegetable you always answer tomato, which must be true judging from the way you pack cherry tomatoes in your mouth when we go to the farm and pick them each week. You also like picking cherries and crab apples from the trees in our yard and collecting them in your Cozy Coupe along with other little treasures you find. Luckily you don't stick them in your mouth like the tomatoes!
Well, mommy needs some sleep! Love you!

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