Monday, September 16, 2013

W is for WEDDING!

Dear Maya,

Could we have timed our alphabet studies any better? This week we studied "W" and our key word was "watermelon" (or as you say it "waterlemon") but only because you didn't really understand the concept of "wedding" just yet. Uncle Matt and Now Officially Aunt Rhi got married on Saturday and the several days leading up to the event, the day itself, and the couple days since have been a touching, beautiful time for our family!

On Tuesday Grandma and Papa Stan (and doggy Tessa) arrived so we got to spend some extra time with them. Each day you sat across the dining room table from Stan doing your jigsaw puzzles for long, quiet periods while the rest of us did wedding preparations. When Grandma got out her hairstylist accessories you had a blast combing her hair and having crazy clips put in yours. You had lots of fun with both of them and also with Grandpa and Lori and Aunt Bobbie who joined us on Friday.

Saturday the wedding was at 4pm up on a hill with the most spectacular view. The ceremony was short and very, very sweet and you only photobombed the bride and groom a little bit. When the posed photos were being taken, though, you had to be lured away from them after a few fun shots.


You snuck into a bunch more photos with Matt and Rhi at the reception, though. It was held at a really cool old warehouse that has been transformed into a restaurant and club. The food was great, the decor was beautiful and the music had you hopping (literally).

Oh, and Saturday was your Great-Grandpa's 80th birthday to boot! You did your part to keep him young by racing around the hilltop with him at the ceremony site. Later at the reception everyone sang to him and he got his very own cake and candles to blow out. Aunt Bobbie also sang to him and made him very teary.

You had such a great day playing with and loving on all of your favorite people. Everywhere you turned someone would pick you up or dance with you or give you a bite of something yummy. It's quite possible that you thought the entire party was for you!


Sunday was a slightly quieter day--you and mommy drove up to Albany to meet Grandpa and Lori and from there we went to visit Grandpa's Aunt (your Great-Great-Aunt?) who will be 96 next week! You were so very well-behaved at her house and it was great that we got to spend time with her and her daughter. Today Grandpa stopped by for a couple more hours of play time with you, but then he headed out and the entourage of company was over. Hopefully your usual post-guest meltdown is not too bad...

Well, mommy's going to bed. Love you!

P.S. Thanks Grandpa for many of the great photos in this post!
P.P.S. Here are a few shots of the happy couple. We love you and wish you all the best!!

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